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Typo3 FAQ

Where can I find tutorials for using Typo3?

You can try our demo. The demo is a good starting point when you are learning to use a Typo3 based website. You can "play" with our demo website without thinking that you are going to "break"something. The whole demo website is restored every hour.

Can I change the font?

A set of fonts are assigned when your site is created, you can only use those fonts. This ensures the website has a consistent design. If one editor used a different font in his/her section that was very different from the font you chose, then it would look like two different websites, and this could be confusing to the user.

Can I just use create pages in Microsoft Word and paste them into Typo3?

  • Method 1: When you copy from Microsoft Word and paste into the RTE (Rich Text Editor) of Typo3 the text would have a lot of hidden "rubbish". In order to solve this problem, as soon as you paste save the text content element. That should clean almost all of the Microsoft Word hiden "rubbish".
  • Method 2: Disable the RTE and paste the text from Microsoft Word. Re-enable the RTE and put the bullets, bold, etc back.
  • Method 3: We have an extension that imports from Microsoft Word 97 to Microsoft Word 2003 into a content element. It also converts OpenOffice Writer into content elements. That extension can also be used to transform Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point into PDF files.
  • Method 4: Save the file as HTML in Microsoft Word. The HTML that it exports is notoriously poor, and may cause problems for some users. If you plan to import HTML into your pages, we recommend using Dreamweaver as an intermediary step; the HTML code it creates is much more functional and correct than that produced by Word. Dreamweaver additionally provides a command, "Clean up Word HTML", which will correct some of the problems created by Word's HTML output. When you paste HTML into Typo3, ONLY paste in the code that is between the <body> and </body> tags. Including the html and head tags may cause your page to display incorrectly.

How do I get single linebreaks instead of double?

Hold down the Shift key when you click Enter at the end of the line.

How do I make a bulleted or numbered list?

Bulleted and numbered lists are made exactly like they are in Word - input each item and press Enter, drag to select all the items that you want to turn into a list, and click the type of list you want. If the numbers are starting over at 1 when they should be continuing, make sure that each list item is on a separate line, and separated by a carriage return (Enter) instead of a linebreak (shift-Enter).