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Understanding Webalizer Statistics

The Webalizer statistics is your web server log file analysis program. It provides usage statistics for viewing your web traffic logs.

What Are Hits

Everything that loads into a browser from your server, the html pages and every image on the page, is a "hit"'. This number is the total number of requests that were made to the server during the specified report period. This is not a good number when looking at stats it's very inflated. Many companies will use the term hits when referring to their web traffic a visitor is a better number to understanding site traffic.

What Are Pages

Pages are any HTML document, or anything that generates an HTML document, would be considered a page. This does not include graphic images, audio clips, etc... This number represents the number of 'pages' requested only.

What Are Sites

Each visitor comes from a unique 'site', which can be referenced by a name AOL or Earthlink or an IP address. The 'sites' number shows how many unique IP addresses made requests to the server during the reporting time period. This DOES NOT mean the number of unique individual users (real people) that visited. There could be multiple visitors from AOL or Earthlink.

What Are Visits

Visits represent the total number of unique visitors you get to your website within the specified settings for your site. As they click around they accumulate "hits" but they reflect as one visit. If the visitor returns at a later time they would again register as another visitor.


The KBytes (kilobytes) value shows the amount of data, in KB, that was transferred from the server. This value is generated from the log files and shows the bandwidth your site is using.

What Are Enter and Exit Pages

The Top Entry and Exit tables give a rough estimate of what URL's are used to enter your site, and what the last pages viewed are.

What Are Referrers?

Referrers are the website or webpage a visitor has clicked from to reach your site.

What Are Search Strings

The search string patterns are what visitors searched for in order to find your site. Most of the major search engines are supported, such as Google, Yahoo!, Altavista, MSN and Lycos but it does not represent every search engine on the web.