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About TYPO3

TYPO3 is the engine behind our Content Management Systems.

TYPO3 is an open source software that is licensed under GPL (Gnu Public License). That essentially means that TYPO3 is available free of all cost. The GPL license also means that not just some parts of TYPO3, but all future versions, revisions, updates and extensions based on TYPO3-code will always remain free.

TYPO3 has been an active project for over 10 years. Hundreds of programmers around the world contribute to its development and extensions. This constant development not only keeps the framework current, but also safe by fixing security vulnerabilities. Is your current CMS frequently updated by hundreds of programmers around the world? 

You might be wondering why if Typo3 is free we are charging you? The reason is very simple: implementing a Content Management System for a website based in TYPO3 involves considerable specialist computer consultancy and programming time. Clients pay for the advanced level of work and expertise required to implement their CMS website based on TYPO3 open source software.

When you host your website with us you also get free TYPO3 updates once a year, meaning your website is normally using the latest TYPO3 framework.

Visit the section open source to understand why your company should be using open source products.

Which sites are using TYPO3?

Thousands of websites are implemented with Typo3 world wide through independent consultancies. On Q Web is just one of them in Australia. Have a look to the great variety of projects that have been created using TYPO3.