To achieve these goals the following modules are available:

  • Users & Distributors: when users register online, they can be assigned to a distributor. Every distributor can have a different pricing scheme.
  • Ordering form: these forms have to be "created by hand" as every manufacturing process is different. Once created, they plug-in with the rest of the system.
  • Distributor approval: once a customer places an order, their respective distributor have to approve it. (If your company doesn't have several distributors, then the only distributor is your company itself).
  • Admin approval: once a distributor approves an order, then your company have to approve it before the order goes into production.
  • Production: this allows to set several tasks that have to be completed in sequential order. This module has to be heavily customised as well to match your company processes.
  • Delivery: allows assigning delivery companies. In some cases if the delivery companies have APIs the generation of delivery stickers can be automated.
  • Invoicing: once products are delivered, invoices can be sent. Companies and invoices can me exported as a csv file to use in an accounting software such as MYOB.

Custom made ordering forms examples: