To achieve these goals the following modules are available:

  • Vehicles: Information about the vehicle such as vehicle make/model, purchase date, compliance date and VIN number .
  • Drivers: Allows entering driver's details, such as drivers licence expiry date, which is used to send licence expiry reminders so they don't drive unlicensed.
  • Owner: Which business unit uses/owns the vehicle.
  • Fuel & Kms: Allows importing BP or Caltex reports to keep track of fuel cost, and vehicle kms. If these reports are not available the information can be entered manually.
  • Maintenance & Services: allows entering details of vehicle maintenance, such as cost, service/maintenance type and kms when the maintenance/service was performed. This information is used to create service reminders to drivers.
  • Accidents: keeps track of driver's accidents and its cost. It can send warnings based on number of accidents in a period of time.
  • Infringements: keeps track of driver's infringement and its cost. It can send warnings based on number of infringements in a period of time.

This is a cloud based software that can be used in computers and tablets via a web browser.

It is charged in a per vehicle per month basis. This price doesn't include the initial setup and customisation that will be charged in a per hour basis.