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Website Health Check

These are a series of parameters to check where does your website stands.

Is your website editable?

Can you edit the content, the sections and the meta tags of your website?

Is your website search engine friendly?

Does your website changes its title according to the section where you are, generates automatic speaking URL's and Google xml sitemaps?

Can you expand the functionality of your website through the use of modules?

Expansion modules can seamlessly expand the functionality of your website without any downtime or the use of several incompatible applications running at the same time.

Does your website complies with the W3C standards?

You can check if your website outputs valid code by going to the HTML validator of the W3C and entering your website URL?

Is your website based on an open source CMS?

If your website is based on propietry technology and the company that owns the technology disappears, then you have to rebuild your whole website from scratch. By using open source technologies you can switch vendors if you are not happy with your current one.


If you answered no to one or more of these questions, contact us for a free no obligation website appraisal.