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Centacare Employment

Keywords: cms, web applications


Centacare Employment Services Brisbane (Centacare) is the principal Diocesan-based catholic social welfare organisation of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane.

The services of Centacare include recruitment agencies, recruitment agencies for people with disabilities, child care, education and other services.

Due to the geographically distant sites of Centacare, managing properties, fleet vehicles and documents such as contracts, leases and so on was extremely difficult.

Web applications can solve these problems by allowing staff members in multiple locations manage parts of the business online using a web browser.


On Q Web suggested creating a mini CMS based website and attaching the required web applications as extensions to this CMS.

In short the steps would be:

  • Installing a CMS based mini website
  • Creating a Fleet Management extension for the CMS
  • Creating a Documents Management extension for the CMS
  • Creating a Property Management extension for the CMS
  • Training and Testing the new applications
  • Installing the applications on a production environment

The reason why installing these web applications as extensions to the CMS is because the CMS is a framework that is like a launch platform that offers a wide variety of services such as user security.