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CMS Installations

We can provide CMS installations for new websites or we can port your existing website to be CMS based.

When we do a basic installation of our CMS  you'll get the following features:

  • Content and meta tags editing: With the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing functionality you can add, edit and delete pages in your website. You can also link between pages or external websites and add images. If you can use a word processor, you would not have a problem editing your website.
  • SEO ready: With speaking URLs and automatic Google XML sitemap generation, you can be sure you'll get higher rankings in google.
  • Search facility: To allow customers to easy find the information they're searching for.
  • Basic social network: We would integrate in your template the add this toolbar.

The process of making your CMS based website follows the following steps:

  • Template definition: this is where the way the website will look like is defined. A few parameters have to be defined like colours, colour of the headings, text, links and so on. This is mainly our job: integrating a tenplate into the CMS framework.
  • Menu definition: The different sections of your website get defined in the navigation menu. Since this is a CMS, those sections can be changed, removed or renamed whenever you want to, you can do it yourself.
  • Content addition: The content of the different sections gets added. Remember this is a CMS so you can change this anytime, by yourself!

The expandability of our CMS can be only limited by your imagination, the following is a list of the most common mudules our clients install. If you need to integrate new modules that are not listed here, let us know and we can develop it for you.

  • Forms: The forms module allows the creation of basic forms, with input text areas, radio buttons, check buttons and select lists. Once the form is filled and submitted, the results are sent to a configurable email address and an autoreply is sent (if configured) to the person who submitted the form.
  • Front End Users: With this module you can 'lock off' certain content, and even entire areas of a your website to members only. Users can be organized in groups - allowing different levels of access to Web site content. This module has a registration area in the front end and an administration area in the backend. This module can be used in combination with the direct mail module to send newsletters. It can also be used in combination to the shopping cart module to keep clients registered in a database.
  • Catalogue/Shopping Cart: This module allows the creation of an online catalogue where you can organise products by category. It can be integrated with several payment gateways such as paypal, converting your website into an e-commence website. This module can be installed with or without the front end users module.
  • News: This module allows placing news, with easy addition of images. The same news database can be used in different areas of the website and displayed in different ways. For example in one area you can have the display ramdomised, in other area of the website the display can be ordered by date. This module can be used for news, articles, press releases and so on.
  • Direct Mail: With this module you can email a page of your website to the group(s) you select from your front end users list. This module includes a subscription and an unsubscription facility in the website. This module requires the front end users module.

Contact us for more information.