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Web Applications Development

If you need a custom made web application we can create it for you. It could be a stand alone web application or an extension of our CMS.

We create web applications that follow your business processes, which is very different to the one size fits all approach most web development companies apply when providing web applications to their customers, which in many cases have to adapt their processes to work with a web application.

In most cases we build the web application in your premises and charge you by the hour. We can provide you with an estimate of how many hours it would take, so you get an idea of how much it would cost you.

There are several reasons why we prefer doing it in your premises:

  • We can understand your company's processes
  • Communication gets exponentially improved
  • You can check the project as it goes and the hours it takes to develop

Contact us and let us know any special web application or process you might want to add to your website.