All our web applications offer the following features:

  • Open Source Technology: ensures your solution has no expensive or restrictive licensing fees or upgrade costs.
  • Cloud Architecture: No more server administration, upgrades, or downtime. Our custom web applications can be run anywhere from virtual machines to Amazon Web Services.
  • Anywhere, Anytime: Our web-based technology is accessible from any location with an internet connection and from any device, including computers, tablets and phones.
  • Security and Access Control: Web applications can be secured for multiple levels of access with permissions and unique logins, or hosted on a private network or intranet, according to your access requirements.
  • Data Management & Reporting: If your web application collects data, you'll want it to be accessible, which is why we make it easy to export your data, or integrate with other systems. We can also make it easy to keep track of utilization with performance reports and custom views to suit your data collection and reporting needs.

We can also:

  • Replace Old Technology: If you’ve got an old FileMaker, Access, Clipper or other boxed solution which is limiting your options, lacking support, or costing too much, find out what a custom solution could do for you.